A Longstanding Commitment to Affordable Housing

For over 30 years, affordable housing has been a fundamental part of Hudson’s business strategy and corporate culture. Starting in the 1980s, Hudson was one of the most prolific builders in NYC’s New Homes Program (also referred to as Partnership Homes), which brought thousands of homeownership opportunities throughout the outer boroughs. Today, Hudson has an award-winning affordable rental line of business including both new development and preservation.

Hudson is a dedicated partner on all of its affordable housing endeavors, working closely with non-profit owners and service providers, other developers, government agencies and communities. Hudson is expert at the complex financing and regulatory matters that buttress affordable housing. As with all of our developments,  Hudson’s success in affordable housing derives from hands-on management of the details and a deep institutional knowledge of constructing buildings that are high-quality and cost-effective, both at the outset and for the long term. Our track record is exemplary and commitment to integrity and transparency is genuine.