Development Type
  • Affordable Housing
  • New Construction
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Joint Venture Development
  • Distressed Asset Intervention
Sustainable Features
  • FEMA Approved Flood Vents
  • 1989 to 2009

Over 1,800 Homeownership Units in 800 Buildings across Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx

Hudson was one of the most prolific developers in New York City’s New Homes Program, completing the development of over 1,800 units of affordable homeownership across 800 buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Many of Hudson’s New Home developments were cited as models for the program and Hudson’s strong performance was recognized with requests to take over failed projects originally awarded to other developers. Hudson’s “New Homes” sought contextual design, in character with existing neighborhoods by incorporating brick facades and rear parking where possible. The one, two, and three-bedrooms homes were priced for moderate-income buyers with preferences for local community residents and New York City uniformed service employees. Hudson was honored in 2007 on the occasion of the Housing Partnership’s 25th Anniversary for Hudson’s work with the Housing Partnership.

There were many partners in the various projects over the years. Please let us know if we have inadvertently missed you. (Public partners listed separately.)

Housing Partnership Development Corporation, JPMorgan Chase

  • Oceanview Villas I & II: Gruzen Sampton, Monadnock Construction, Metropolitan Renovations, Margaret Community Corporation
  • Village at Atlantic Center I, II, & III: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, Monadnock Construction 
  • Bayview Homes: SLCE Architects, Monadnock Construction 
  • Southside Homes: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, Monadnock Construction, Los Sures United Housing Development Fund
  • Saratoga Square III & VII: Monadnock Construction, Northeast Brooklyn HDC
  • Bronx Park Terrace: Monadnock Construction 
  • Tremont Terraces: Monadnock Construction, Acquinas Housing Corporation 
  • Stuyvesant Gardens: Monadnock Construction, Northeast Brooklyn HDC
  • Lexington Greene Homes: Monadnock Construction, Northeast Brooklyn HDC
  • Sojourner Truth Homes: Monadnock Construction, Northeast Brooklyn HDC
  • Northside Condominiums: Monadnock Construction, Antioch Baptist Church
  • Cypress Corner Condominiums: Monadnock Construction
  • Park View Terrace Homes: Monadnock Construction
  • Greenpoint Gardens Condominium: Monadnock Construction 
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