Development Type
  • Affordable Housing
  • Office, Retail and/or Community Facility
  • New Construction
  • Sustainability
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • General Contracting
Sustainable Features
  • Solar Power
  • High-Performance Building Envelope
  • No-VOC Paint
  • Formaldehyde-Free Cabinetry
  • 2016

The Final Phase of a New Community

The final phase of the Gateway Elton Street development, Gateway Elton III added 287 newly constructed units across two buildings. Gateway III apartments are available to households earning up 60% of AMI, with income limit bands set at 40%, 50%, and 60% of AMI. Twenty-seven units are set aside as supportive housing for people transitioning to independent living. Like its predecessors, Gateway I and the Alan Epstein Apartments, Gateway Phase III also boasts a large solar PV array that provides electricity to the building’s common areas and elevators.  The building was designed to provide the healthiest home possible for residents and features no-VOC paints, natural wood floors and cabinetry, and properly ventilated apartments. Gateway Elton III was financed through HDC’s LAMP program, HDC tax-exempt bonds, HPD city capital, LIHTC and NYSERDA funds. Across all three phases, the Elton Street development consists of 659 apartments, 70,000 square feet of ground floor retail and community facility space, and one million watts of renewable energy. 

Project Team: Dattner Architects, Future Green Studios, Ashford Locke Builders, Wells Fargo Bank, Additional Finance (see above)

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Gateway Elton Street Phase III Awards
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Green Communities
Green Communities
Enterprise Community Partners
Gateway Elton Street Phase III
Energy Star
Energy Star
Gateway Elton Street Phase III
LEED for Homes Gold
LEED for Homes Gold
Gateway Elton Street Phase III
Largest Solar Array in One Development in the State of New York
Largest Solar Array in One Development in the State of New York
Gateway Elton Street Phase III