Hudson is committed to environmentally sustainable development. In the short term, it improves the quality of construction and the cost of operations. In the long term, it reduces the impact of our work on the environment. We have participated in numerous green rating systems and have set records, sometimes even resetting our own records. In 2010, Third + Bond was certified as the first LEED Platinum for Homes, Mid-Rise, project in New York City. That same year, Dumont Green set the record for the largest solar array on a residential building in the state of New York. The Gateway neighborhood development broke that record in 2015. In 2017, The House at CornellTECH became the largest Passive House structure in the world. 

Hudson is well-versed in rating systems LEED, Energy Star (NYSERDA programs), Passive House, and Enterprise Green Communities. We are experienced with solar, cogen and rainwater harvesting. Using our institutional knowledge we consistently make choices, even outside of rating systems, that are in favor of green building and design.