Carefully Curating Tenants 

Though primarily a residential housing developer, Hudson also develops, invests in, and manages over a quarter million square feet of office, retail and community facility. Hudson’s first commercial projects date to the 1990s and new endeavors have been consistently added over the intervening years. Hudson brings the same commitment to design and construction as the rest of its portfolio as well as a thoughtful approach to curating the optimal tenant mix. Hudson recognizes that office, retail  and community facility often form the “third spaces” in our urban fabric.

Hudson’s retail portfolio includes over 100 neighborhood storefronts, ranging from first time businesses to independent chains to national credit tenants. We consider the context of current offerings in the neighborhood as well as the particular economics when selecting  the tenants for the best fit. 

Hudson’s community facility portfolio includes non-profits, libraries, schools, government agencies, medical offices and more. While zoning is one rationale to incorporate community facility, Hudson has found there are multitudes of reasons to incorporate its use. 

Hudson’s office portfolio is in its ascendancy, from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Building space for NYC’s workforce to thrive underscores or commitment and belief in the value of New York City. 

Photo by Lesley Unruh